The Science Creative Quarterly is embroiled in a Flying Spaghetti Monster Conspiracy worthy of a Dan Brown novel

Today, the SCQ in preparation for its second year run, has a sort of a housekeeping post, which talks about haiku projects, its print edition woes, but more importantly an interesting sidebar which has all the makings of a conspiracy involving Bobby Henderson and the FSM phenomenon.

It reads:

1. Who gets the Ramen?
Many of you have been waiting to hear from Bobby with regards to the FSM contest. In truth, we have been too, but repeated emails to him have been unsuccessful. The one time we did received a reply (on May 19th, 2006), it simply said, "help selma pee." This, of course, has all the signs of a conspiracy, especially if you consider a number of consequential observations.
  • We believe a number of the SCQ submissions made it to his "Gospel," and assume Bobby has been imprisoned by his publishers over copyright concerns. This information, by the way, was gained from a very fit looking albino monk.
  • Turns out, the email message is an anagram of Help me please. As well, the email message was sent on the same day as the opening of the Da Vinci Code movie.
  • Finally, rumour has it that Bobby is pregnant, and that this may be a result of an immaculate conception.

Anyway, for the housekeeping post in its entirety (although in truth not much else about the FSM), go here. As you can see, the SCQ will be back to its usual lovable self next tuesday (which incidentally is the same day that the solution for Puzzle Fantastica #1 will be provided).

Alright, now please leave lots of comments so we can feel good about ourselves...

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