Bentley the Apt Named Duckling

And yet more troubling bird imagery from the same friends who brought us Deviled Ostrich Egg and Baby Cockatiel:

Bentley's Bio courtesy of friend Pat Deering from New Mexico

Bentley is a deformed duckling. His neck is bent down and around to his left side. If he is ,Aeufacing,Aeu forward, his head is looking at about 8 o,Aeoclock, behind him. It was easy for him to see where things are but hard to go ,Aeuforward,Aeu in order to get there because his feet go one way while he,Aeos looking another. He is able to get around and has no problem drinking and eating. He was doing fine until a near-death trampling experience brought him inside to live with us. Living inside with humans took him away from his family. He needed some companionship so we got him two more ,Aeupeeps,Aeu to hang with. They are much smaller and sit and snuggle with him.

Bentley's cruel family tried to sell him to the circus!

Unfortunately, Bentley,Aeos deformity makes it easy for him to tip over on his back (hence the near-death trampling incident). Once that happens he can,Aeot get up. We check him every 20 minutes if possible. Ducks apparently use their neck and beaks to get off their back. Hopefully when he grows up his wings,Aeiwhich are tiny and useless now,Aeiwill aid in righting him. As an adult, his body will be much larger and heavier, helping to offset his lopsided weight problem.

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