Giant Lobster Pic

Undated, unidentified giant lobster picture from the crazy Russian news.

i-587a910ba7049ea7d40912c41987fd4e-giant lobster.jpg


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I, for one, welcome our new alien overlords.

It has a rather photoshopped feel to it. Although the critters legs do appear to cast shadows on the girls hands, there's something amiss about the way her hands are next to the lobster. Also, I don't think that either creatures quite fit the background.

I can't find the link now but there are a bunch of additional photos in Pravda, the Russian paper. Admittedly none quite as impressive though.

I love chowing down on spiny lobster like da guy next to me. Did not realize they got that massive. Guess that cold water makes'um not just more body, but girth as well. Around where I live, they get topped off at no more than 14". Cost big money in the fish monger stalls as well.Whew!

i think shes a midget.

I wonder if its a spiny Lobster Or some other kind of it?

where are he claws?

Boil me a tub of butter!!!

By Anonymous (not verified) on 07 Oct 2010 #permalink