In Memoriam - Bentley, the Apt Named Duck

Zooillogix is sad to report the not-entirely-unexpected passing of a local celebrity from rural New Mexico. Bentley was born on Pat King's bird ranch in the summer of 2007 and quickly charmed her way into the hearts of all seven of Zooillogix's readers at the time. As the pictures show, Bentley was born with a twisted neck that basically had her looking at right angles for most of her life. It took her a few weeks before she had mastered the art of walking in a different direction from the one her head was facing, but master it she did. Eventually, her indominitable spirit was proven once and for all when she out shot-putted the other ducks and geese last September.

i-80a8a454cd8dd1a10275b380be8d912d-bentley 1.JPG

Sadly, Bentley passed away last week due to complications with her question mark shaped neck. We're sure that in duck heaven, her neck will be straightened and Duck God will give her a boob job or something to compensate.

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This is a common mutation in quail, called "crooked neck". I did not know it appeared in ducks as well.

Andrew and Benny, thanks so much for making her live just a little bit longer by being on the internet once again. I miss her tiny, mutated QUACK! I wonder if, as Bentley's owner, I too could perhaps get a much coveted boob job. Well, I can always ask!