Robotic Lobster

This is old but Oysters Garter reminded me of it and I still think it's pretty cool. Also, I love lobsters (see below below).

The Biomimetic Underwater Robot Program based out of Northeastern University seeks to develop "neurotechnology based on the neurophysiology and behavior of animal models." This particular lobster robot is meant to sniff out underwater mines or some such, but I suspect that's just what the researchers told DARPA to get a big check to build a badass robotic lobster.

Perhaps of equal interest are these pics of my wedding cake (for reals):

i-a2b5677e5b79e5a29afcb0c5ee559471-lobster cake 1.jpg

i-d9a45d11e62f4c8d2c5786677e6ad656-lobster cake2.jpg

UPDATE: My lobster cake was featured on Geekcake!

i-446d776bb8ddf462c5107956c3baa0b9-lobster bride.JPG
me and my blushing bride to be...

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Could that possibly be a Jeff Koons lobster?

You truly are delightfully weird.
What fetish bakery shop did you pay to make that?
Anyway, can't wait to see your spawn!
You've said it before, I'll say it again: 'Ik vermorzel jou met de ijzeren klauw van de kreeft!'

By LonelyFatGuy (not verified) on 28 Jul 2008 #permalink

Yay lobster weddings! We followed our Orthodox Jewish ceremony up with a New England lobster & clam bake. But there was no awesome lobster cake. You should submit it to Geekcake so that it will receive its proper due of eternal fame & admiration.

That's awesome!
I've found a cake place here in Vancouver that makes some pretty awesome specialty cakes.

I think I'm going for an Octopus cake. Though the boyfriend doesn't know that yet...

Wow, an octopus cake would be really great. Please send a picture to A&B when it happens.


By zayıflama (not verified) on 01 Aug 2008 #permalink

thanks all..

By karınca yumurt… (not verified) on 01 Aug 2008 #permalink

If you like lobsters, maybe you and your wife (!) would be interested in some of our lobster (and Salvador Dali) inspired products - or "arthropod accessories"...