Phew, I'm tired

I mentioned August would be a hellish travel month. Beginning August 2nd, I drove to Chicago for YearlyKos, back to Iowa and grabbed the kids and dogs, headed to Ohio to visit family (including an almost-9-months-pregnant sister and her 18-month old son), headed out to Maryland/DC/Delaware for an impromptu road trip, back to Ohio, back to Iowa, to Wisconsin for a science conference, back to Iowa for the evening, then flew back to DC to pick up a friend, and then drove up to New York to meet up with many other Sciencebloggers for the weekend. Then back to DC, and back to Iowa this morning.

Or, I think I'm in Iowa. Everything is starting to look alike at this point.

Anyway, the conference in Wisconsin was great, and had a good amount of interest in the talk I gave there on Streptococcus suis (always a bonus). The weekend in New York was great fun as well. I'd met several other Sciencebloggers before, but never en masse quite like this. Friday they opened up Seed magazine's office and let us poke around there, then followed up with a reception at Seed founder Adam Bly's apartment. On Saturday, we were stuffed full of brunch and conversation, and followed that up with a trip to the Natural History museum, after which many of us gathered for dinner. I then headed up to the Washington Heights neighborhood on Sunday to visit yet another friend, before driving back down south to the DC area that afternoon (well, late evening by the time we arrived, thanks to a rainy day and many accidents along the way. None involving me, though).

I don't have my pictures rounded up yet, but you can see photos others have shared: Bora's roundup; a few from PZ; Mo's photos; and a few from Zuska (including one of me blending into a chair...interesting...) I'll try to get my own up tonight...

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Tara writes:

(including one of me blending into a chair...interesting...) I'll try to get my own up tonight...

Zebra pattern...good choice for blending in and confusing the lions.

coturnix writes:

Jeff, you were not there - Tara is one of dozen sciblings with hot legs.

I know. Have you seen Carl Zimmer in Bermuda shorts?? :)