Some Horserace Links...

Just to add some more to yesterday's numbers and links on the Iowa caucuses, which just shows that if you get all your news from the MSM, especially the TV, you are not just woefully uninformed, but criminally misinformed. Take your time this weekend to read up on these:

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David Brooks redefines conservatism as liberalism and vice versa in his typical dishonest effort to appear alway correct on everything: The Two Earthquakes
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JedReport: The MSM blackout of John Edwards: Some metrics
Kos: Dear Joe Klein,

And the best two minutes on TV over the last 24 hours - Elizabeth Edwards tells Chris Matthews everything that is wrong with him and his pundit buddies, a joy to listen and to watch his grimace:


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So Bora, we here are very happy. Some of us are even planning to go up to NH this weekend. What's your take on the caucus results? Things are not looking good for Edwards...

Scroll up 3-4 posts to see the link to the best post on Obama.

I went to Edwards HQ last night and did some phone-banking out to California and money is just pouring in - the 24 hours after Iowa were the best fundraising day in Edwards' political history.

Twice as many people caucused for Edwards this year than in 2004. He got most of the 'second-choicers' and a decent proportion of "the new, the young, the independent, the ex-Republican".

Unions are already working for him in NH and Nevada. Last time he had 8 staffers in NH, now he has 80. The tracking polls are showing him inching up every day. Edwards is not out yet, far from it.

To tell you the truth, I'm not 100% sold on Obama - this whole "we must unite" shtick of his is very dangerous (as Kos points out). On this I agree with Edwards, we need to fight, not compromise.

But I am happy. Obama is overall a good guy. I'm also glad that Clinton suffered a loss and that Edwards did relatively well, although seeing that he had been camped in Iowa for the last 3 years, he should have done better. I have MAJOR reservations voting for anyone who voted for the war - it is important that the voters punish their leaders, not so that Clinton or Edwards "learn their lesson" but that future politicians think twice before they vote for any other crazy wars. We need to set a precedent.

As for the media turning against Edwards ... it's more complicated then that. Four years ago with Dean, I thought that the media was against him (think of the infamous Bill Russert interview), but I changed my mind. Many friends worked in Iowa and NH and saw how the the press was all over him - they were like piranhas - but not because they agreed or disagreed with Dean's message but because they lived off of the spectacle, and Howard gave them quite a show - he was feisty and spoke his mind. The press loved to cover Dean like they enjoyed covering a wrestling match or a train wreck - that's what sells their papers/boosts their ratings. Sure the media tends to give the right wing candidates more of a break, but I'm not so sure that they are anti-Edwards and pro-Obama or pro-Clinton. They are just pro-spectacle. And as much as Obama winning is a big thing, the fall of the mighty house of Clinton is also an attention getter.

Oh, absolutely - Tweety actually said it on Thursday at the beginning of his show, that Hillary is a woman, Obama is Black and Edwards has no pizzazz because he is a white guy, thus not exciting enough for the press. See this analysis for instance. But that is just one of the elements - some of the links above (Greenwald, I believe) go into more depth about it, how who they (pundits) are means they do not understand (or believe the honesty) of populist candidates. For them it is a puzzle. They are too comfortable to know.