Frog skeleton necklace & other naturalist-themed jewelry at Catbird

i-98b4606b53c1a90235ba2dc4a415e294-Picture 1.png

Here's a big time want: a sterling silver necklace cast from a frog spine and skull, by Elizabeth Knight. Wow. You can find it at Catbird!

While you're there, check out Knight's spin on pearl earrings (the pearls are held by skeletal frog hands!), the 14K paired ant necklace by Jezebel, which I like even better than the skeleton (but it's way more expensive) and Cloven Hoof's Cleopatra jewel beetle necklace. Yes, they're all pretty pricey, but their brass monocle necklace is a sexy-naturalist (or librarian) option for only $22.

Via the catbird blog - highly bookmarkable for all scifashionistas.

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