Goats are Everywhere!

I knew that goats were the new chickens, the new black, the coolest accessory of all time. That I got. But I admit, I hadn't kept up with the new public role goats have been taking.

Apparently they are out shopping. I've never considered taking mine to the mall, but hey, why not? Maybe I'd learn to appreciate shopping if I had a goat with me!

goat in the store.jpg

It couldn't make me enjoy shopping less!



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How timely! In this past week's heatwave we saw some families bringing their "pet" ducks to the free spray parks to cool down. It was hilarious and all the kids loved it! :)

Is that an Apple store? Maybe it was actually an iGoat :)

By sealander (not verified) on 27 Jul 2011 #permalink

And now just out shopping, but out shopping at an Apple store. How trendy!