ASPO-USA Conference Coming Up!

The only travel I'm doing this fall is for the November 2-5 ASPO-USA conference. Among the speakers will be:

Me ;-)
Wes Jackson
Dmitry Orlov
Richard Heinberg
Jeffrey Brown
John Michael Greer
Jeff Rubin
Aaron Newton
Bob Hirsch
Chris Martenson
Michael Klare
William Catton
Charley Maxwell
Lester Brown
Naomi Davis
Jean Laherre

And a whole lot more. Check out the full lineup here..

Also, remember for Saturday afternoon there will be a FREE open conference for teachers and youth/students working on peak oil issues, featuring some of these amazing people and some cool others to be announced. We're also having congressional visits, a briefing, a talk in the Congressional Auditorium and much more. Please come and join in!

I'm hoping i'll get to see some of you there.


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Glad to see Chris Martenson's name amongst the various luminaries. He's got a keen eye on the financial world but at the same time is completely savvy with climate chaos and resource depletion. His recent podcast interview with Joel Salatin was terrific. I'm sorry I won't be able to attend!

By Kerri in AK (not verified) on 15 Sep 2011 #permalink

Someday I will get to go to one of these. Someday maybe it won't be on the coast. Someday I will have vacation and time in my schedule to travel.

Any bets on whether someday will ever come? *grin*

Seriously, great work and I hope we can get at least one member of our local transition group to go. It sounds like an amazing conference!

By FarmerAmber (not verified) on 16 Sep 2011 #permalink