And the Winnahs Are....

Hi Folks - So I had so many  responses to the free book giveaway (between here, facebook, private email and the other site, 149 unique entries) that I decided to  give three signed books away.  The boys had an awesome time picking names from the hat, and the winners are:

JRB (entered at

Johanne Perry (entered at Science Blogs)

and Khadijah (entered at Science Blogs)

Please email me with your address at and I'll get them in the mail to you ASAP!

Didn't win?  All is not lost, you can order one, or I would also consider bartering  (and I also have a few extra copies of _Independence Days_ and _A Nation of Farmers_.  I'm particularly looking at this point for high quality non-white dolls for my foster kids, but might be open to other arrangements if you want to email and discuss it.  I've got some family stuff going on this week, so if I don't reply immediately, I'm not ignoring you, though.




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Thanks to you and your boys for writing everyone out and drawing the names. I am wondering if I could learn to make rag dolls!