FOIA this

After the Cronon affair, more Freedom of Information Act requests targeting faculty at public universities.
Clearly Walkers in Wisconsin in Labor are of interest to Republicans who Protest Democratic conspiracies against Governors and nothing makes the Maddow than Moore nonsense about injunctions and organized astroturf lawmaking.
"The squid has eaten the squirrel!"
These important matters should be emailed to everywhere in the .edu domain.

Hey, if I am served, does that mean some paralegal will sort my inbox for me...?

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I'm looking up Pennsylvania FOIA request forms right now. Start searching for keywords: tenure, evaluate, compare, rank, or please.

To be honest, I don't haven't seen any external review forms for tenure evaluation, but I suspect many of them are submitted via email.

Hey, if you can FOIA JoePas salary then surely nothing is sacred.
I foresee an interesting clash between FERPA and FOIA.
I mean, what if Cronon or the Michigan profs had students names Walker in their classes and the FOIA reveals emails discussing their class performance or grades.
Heck, they might even be important football player students named Walker...

Another interesting clash with FERPA is if your computer is electronically searched/copied when crossing the US border. To be fair I haven't read the entire law to know if this is an acceptable exception.

I don't think anyone ever read FERPA.
Especially not the author, or the judge who drastically expanded the interpretation of its scope.

Interestingly the TSA also likes to confiscate RSA encryption fobs, they think they are bomb timers and stuff.
Don't know which is worse - when they take the ones for accessing student records, or the ones for federal supercomputing facilities...

The business here in MI is a little more concerning since the Mackinac Center doesn't (surprise surprise) have the greatest reputation for truth or accuracy. In short - it will be difficult to determine what they found with their fishing expedition based on what they say.