Dark Energy and Coleman-Mandula

Lawrence Krauss just wrote an interesting letter: "Higgs Seesaw Mechanism as a Source for Dark Energy" - Krauss & Dent, PRL 2013

in it he argues for a see-saw mechanism in the Higgs sector which gives a natural scale for dark energy which is small, as observed.
The key point is that the energy scale is suppressed by
λ ~ (mH/mX)2)

where mH is the Higgs scale and X is some unification scale with mX >> mH

as a bonus you may expect a new long range weak force to go with the new physics.
Potentially interesting speculation.

Many moons ago, I wrote almost massless world on this here very blog...
where I was pondering deep issues of cosmological constants and symmetries (this was back during the flap over Lisi's speculations)

and along the way I came up with this:
"...the “prediction” of the Higgs mass really is just numerology, although I could imaging something analogous to a see-saw mechanism driving such a relation in some theory.
If I were really cleverbold I would have predicted that the Standard Model required a non-zero Lambda ;-)
But, yeah, smoothly running the Higgs mass with Lambda uses the cosmological constant to solve the hierarchy problem and postdicts the cosmology…"

(see also earlier comment)

this is the problem with blogging - if I hadn't had the blog to release my random speculations the sheer frustration might have driven me to write the PRL instead...

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Interesting. did you point this to the authors?

Nah, that'd make me too much like a cranky internet crackpot.
I have lots of random thoughts, some of which I blog, many of which I will never write as a refereed article.
Citing blog posts, much less blog comments is probably not something Phys Rev wants to get into.

Just a typo, but the theorem It is named after Jeffrey Mandula not Nelson Mandela 8-)