2007 Triangle Blogging Conference - what you can do

A science (and medicine) blogging conference, the first of its kind, is now officially announced for January 20th 2007. What can you do?

1. First, go to the conference wiki and look around to see what it is all about.

2. Help to spread the word by blogging about it. If you do, you can use these cool logos as well as this Technorati tag.

3. Download this flyer (pdf), print a couple of copies and post them outside your office/lab door or down the hall on a bulletin board, or wherever else you think it is appropriate.

4. Use the word of mouth or e-mail to tell your friends about it. Tell them the URL of the wiki: http://wiki.blogtogether.org/.

5. Check your calendar (and finances, I know, I know) and see if you can come to the conference yourself. If you can, register (as early as you can so we get a good idea about the number of people coming) using this easy registration form. See who else is already registered. So far, it is mostly bloggers - we are starting advertising around campuses, institutes etc. this week.

6. In a spirit of an Unconference, look at the conference Program and make it better by editing the wiki.

7. If you can, pitch in a small donation to help the conference run smoothly.

8. We have secured a couple of sponsors already and are in negotiations with several others. If you are connected to an organization that can, should and would like to be a sponsor, let me know. Cash, books, magazines, swag...we accept everything approporiate.

9. Sign up to volunteer. We'll need locals to do a lot of driving between the airport, hotels, conference, post-conference dinner venues, etc. Out-of-town guests can also help on the day of the meeting by manning the registration desk, etc.

10. During the conference, consider liveblogging the meeting and posting pictures on Flickr using the tag. If you are a blogger and volunteer to do so, we can give you a name-tag of different shape/color which indicates that you are a science/medicine blogger and you are willing to answer questions by the non-blogging participants: scientists, physicians, students, science writers, journalists and librarians.
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