Edwards Linkfest

You all know that I've been a big Edwards supporter since he first ran for Senate. I have met Elizabeth enough times to consider her a friend. I am clumsy when it comes to describing my emotions. So, I'll do what I do best - collect the best and most important links for you to read:

[Update: I have posted a second linkfest on Saturday night with more excellent commentary]

John Edwards: Thank you
John Edwards blog: Discussion Thread
Majikthise: Elizabeth Edwards' cancer returns
Pam's House Blend: Open thread - Edwards news conference
BlueNC: Open thread - Edwards news conference
Pandagon: John and Elizabeth Edwards to hold press conference at noon and Best wishes to Elizabeth Edwards
Shakespeare's Sister: Edwards Presser
Andrew Sullivan: Edwards Forges On
Ed Cone: John and Elizabeth Edwards and North Carolina, as seen from Brooklyn (and earlier, but eerily parallel:

"Cancer cannot be cured by rest, Yow said. So she might as well coach."

Just replace "coach" with "campaign to change the country for the better")
Iddybud Journal: On Elizabeth Edwards and the Campaign
Respectful Insolence: Elizabeth Edwards and bone metastases from breast cancer
The Cheerful Oncologist: What Does It Mean to Have 'Relapsed Breast Cancer?'
Clinical Cases and Images: Wife of presidential candidate John Edwards diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer. Campaign goes on
Taylor Marsh: Fox Expects Edwards 'Sympathy Surge'
Billy the Blogging Poet: Prayers For Elizabeth Edwards
The Real Paul Jones: Good Thoughts and Prayers for Elizabeth Edwards

Mona Gable on Huffington Post: Attacking John Edwards: It's Only A Matter of Time
The Moderate Voice: John And Elizabeth Edwards' Class Act
Jane Hamsher: Best Wishes for Elizabeth Edwards and Let the Condescending Bullshit Begin...
Ana Marie Cox: Elizabeth Edwards, Cathy Seipp, The Edwards Question and Re: The Edwards Question
Joe Klein: Good Luck Elizabeth Edwards
Ezra Klein: Edwards To Drop Out?, There's No After and On Cancer
Media Matters: Limbaugh suggested Edwards camp 'leak[ed]' false information to Politico reporter 'to jump-start the campaign'
Andy2000: Conservative bloggers mock cancer-stricken Edwards
Sue's Place: Reading about Elizabeth Edwards
Larvatus Prodeo: Edwards to withdraw?
Crooked Timber: Edwards out?
Hugo Schwyzer: Elizabeth Edwards
Obsidian Wings: Be Well
Beliefnet: Cancer is Not a Political Issue
Corrente Wire: Elizabeth Edwards' Cancer Has Spread: The Campaign Continues
Maryamie: My heart goes out to Elizabeth Edwards and her family
TPM Cafe (Howard C. Berkowitz): Edwards and the new view of breast cancer
TPM Cafe (Greg Sargent): Edwards: 'The Campaign Goes On'
Needlenose: John and Elizabeth Edwards vow to continue the fight
Matthew Yglesias: Edwards Presser
arse poetica: Edwards to Continue '08 Bid Despite Wife's Cancer
Seeing the Forest: Edwards Announcement - Live Blogging
Oliver Willis: Elizabeth Edwards and John Edwards
skippy the bush kangaroo: elizabeth edwards' cancer has returned
The Carpetbagger Report: John Edwards: 'The campaign goes on, goes on strongly'
Culturekitchen: Liveblogging Edwards announcement :The Campaign Goes On!
Bark Bark Woof Woof: Class Act

DailyKos Diaries:
Bcgntn: John Edwards to Discuss Wife's Health, Campaign, and Country
Steven D: Edwards Family Health Crisis and Kathleen Parker
Red Sox: UPDATED: On Edwards's Campaign and Breast Cancer
chuckles1: UPDATE: At the Edwards Press Conference
philgoblue: Edwards Press Conference: Updated with Transcript
Kos: Elizabeth's cancer has returned, but John's campaign goes on
TexMex: Prayers for Elizabeth
Granny Doc: BREAKING - Edwards' Press Conference
sgary: Rightosphere shows the Edwards their love
etherapy: Support John and Elizabeth
BobcatJH: Freeper animals insult the Edwardses
ChuyHChrist: What does Stage IV breast cancer actually mean?
JSCram3254: John and Elizabeth Edwards Continue the Fight and So Will I.
CTmoderate: John doesn't give up campaign, I won't give up on him
the1bostongirl: Edwards Campaign Won Big Today
sfluke: Why I love John Edwards
nyceve: Did we see an American President emerge today?
Aragorn for America: Live Strong, Elizabeth!
raddude: Edwards family stays in the campaign to fight cancer
Pericles: To John and Elizabeth, with experience
Proudtobeliberal: Statements from various campaigns concerning Elizabeth Edwards
Maaarrrk: News Coverage about Elizabeth Edwards & Rove's Robots
TomP: FoxNews and John and Elizabeth Edwards
SpeakupNation: John Edwards is me
Tuffie: Freepers on Edwards
floridadude: Elizabeth Edwards for First Lady
Bcgntn: Elizabeth Edwards; 'Decency Costs Nothing.' It is Priceless

MyDD Diaries:
TarHeel: The Campaign is FOR Elizabeth Edwards: Not in the Meta Sense either
Jonathan Singer: Edwards Open Thread
Jerome Armstrong: The Campaign Goes On


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