Blog Day 2007

Blog Day 2007
Today is the third annual BlogDay. Pick five blogs and tell your readers why they should check them out. It is nicely undefined, i.e., what constitutes "new", but I guess DailyKos is out of the running. Also, instead of pointing you to any of my Sciblings, just go to the front page, and check every single one of them on the blogroll there as every one of them is worth your time and energy. Anyway, I have been far too busy lately to go around exploring new blogs, so here are five of my more recent favourites that I manage to check on every day anyway:

Pondering Pikaia is a fresh voice and a master in distilling complex science into very simple, easy-to-understand English.

The Anterior Commissure always has something nice to say about sex.

The Tree of Life covers (mostly microbial) genomics, evolution and Open Access.

Notes From Ukraine kept the summer exciting with reports from research in Chernobyl.

Laelaps requires fixing coffee first, kicking the shoes off, and digging in.

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