Don't try this at home

See the moment when the lion recognizes the guys who raised him as a cub:

Hat-tip: Melissa

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Two-month old black Jaguar cub born in captivity at the Huachipa zoo in Lima, Peru. (click for larger version) photo source: AP Photo/Martin Mejia/Scanpix hat-tip: Green Expander.
Why burn or recycle when zoo animals love them - some eat them, some play with them, but they are certainly not wasted. Hat-tip: Russlings
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If you missed it before, I have written about this kind of research before - this is interesting stuff, as much as the video is just plain funny (video, hat-tip: Psique).

I quite believe it, but a note from painful personal experience: even a hand-raised lion trying to be friendly can leave scars without meaning to. I don't mean little things, but deep nasty wounds leaving puckered scars and I'm lucky no nerve or tendon damage.

Lions are freaking strong, and have sharp claws.

By Feliphile (not verified) on 29 Feb 2008 #permalink

Even our little Felix Sylvestrus can leave scars. The scale might be smaller but they still have all the attitude of the big cats.