The Grand LOL-PZ Birthday Bash Linkfest

Today is PZ Myers' 51st birthday.


We've done it last year and the year before. As I did last time, I will collect a linkfest of all the posts - especially those that use the LOLCats generator (Greg has collected some pictures if you want to use them).

First out of the starting gate:

Greg Laden: Happy Birthday PZ Myers!

Maryannaville: There's a Page looking for a Mr PZ Myers located in the lobby
Tangled Up in Blue Guy: Happy Birthday PZ
Of Two Minds: Happy B-Day PZ!
Evolving Thoughts: So, here I am in Arizona, still
Effect Measure: Freethinker Sunday Sermonette: a PZ Myers Revelation
Page 3.14: Happy Birthday Davy "PZ" Jones
Aardvarchaeology: Mean Emcee wid' a Mastah Flow
Dr. Joan Bushwell's Chimpanzee Refuge: LOL LABRAKEET
Adventures in Ethics and Science: Happy birthday PZ!
Stranger Fruit: Today in Science
Green Gabbro: Borg Business
Science After Sunclipse: Happy Birthday, PZ
decorabilia: happy birthday, PZ
Teacherninja: Happy Birthday PZ!
Blue Collar Scientist: Happy Birthday....
Discovering Biology in a Digital World: The day PZ visited Seattle and became a pirate
Rev. BigDumbChimp: Happy Birthday PZed
Afarensis: Happy Birthday PZ Mzfegryzzz*
bathtubnz: Happy Birthday
Jyunri Kankei: Happy Birthday, PZ!
The Beagle Project Blog: A very British happy birthday from the land of Darwin
Archy: Let the evil conspiracy continue
Sandwalk: Happy Birthday PZ Myers
Thinking for Free: Happy 51 to PZ
Thoughts in a Haystack: Cephalopod Kowtow
Archaeoporn: Happy Birthday PZ Myers
Terra Sigillata: Happy 51st, Professor Myers!
Mythusmage Opines: One Year Closer to Tunicatehood
Synapostasy: Paying My Elders Their Proper Respect
Dynamics of Cats: birthday boy
Mom of 2 Dancers: Sunday Ramblings ...
Science Notes: Happy birthday, PZ Myers
The Inverse Square Blog: PZ's Birthday -- with Gravitas
The Greenbelt: Happy Birthday, PZ!


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This is supposedly the earliest known octopus, being from the middle Jurrasic, found in France.  Think old.   Happy birthday, PZ Myers!
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