EuroTrip '08 - Cambridge, at 'The Eagle'

Thursday night after work, the Plossians took me out for Guinness at The Eagle:

i-66d718c08c043e817603be9491133004-Eurotrip08 081.jpg
i-c730195e4b4a710bf76216b233c41483-Eurotrip08 079.jpg
i-ba118a9b9adb0d17b033ddf96fccaabc-Eurotrip08 082.jpg
i-35cabe06fc4b3bc948e150c29d82830f-Eurotrip08 080.jpg

....more under the fold....

i-40e9c8f48cc637994abc21afbfbeead9-Eurotrip08 068.jpg
i-2b0ccb9ba9500ae0cf080e9bc740c5fc-Eurotrip08 069.jpg
i-634507e91257a003725fc7dbee56e852-Eurotrip08 070.jpg
i-f1d53385a2974c13103ca7716312c5a6-Eurotrip08 071.jpg
i-77a655bbcb35114d30c653e080edbfb1-Eurotrip08 072.jpg
i-24f086cb9b5d6a2fd2989f1819ff7e13-Eurotrip08 073.jpg
i-7ca615ce04f52dab78bfd5fde2bc2c99-Eurotrip08 074.jpg
i-1760fcd8fe42cde68ebd8d26d29ff120-Eurotrip08 075.jpg
i-ec2cf26256fa098cbfdc4937eda0c845-Eurotrip08 076.jpg
i-10afcc8e4ae70230e97f34bdb34c3015-Eurotrip08 077.jpg
i-d6fa716ccdb3555909584e80a8068d0c-Eurotrip08 078.jpg

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Kada pocinjes da radis? Do sada samo ispijas kriglu za kriglom piva... Cao. M.