Weekend Diversion: The great yogurt tragedy (Synopsis)

“My love for you would blot out the sun like a cloud made out of yogurt. I hope you brought a spoon.” -Jarod Kintz

There's so much we take for granted in the world, that often we don't appreciate how important sticking together is. Let Robert Plant and Alison Krauss remind you, with their joint song,

Stick With Me Baby.

By the same token, sticking together isn't something that's always desirable.

Sure, how convenient and simple it is to have something as labor intensive delivered to you in a little, refrigerated cup... what a world we live in.

But at the same time, why does the yogurt have to stick to the lid?! If only the technology existed to... wait, what?

It exists! Come find out how, and see what a non-stick yogurt lid looks like!

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Interesting development but I find it irrelevant though. Was it such a bother that it needed to be prevented?! My question is was this developed all in the name of science or just OCD tendencies?

By Z Manzini u15037097 (not verified) on 12 Apr 2015 #permalink

Naaahh! Takes out all the joy of licking the top :D

By Sinisa Lazarek (not verified) on 12 Apr 2015 #permalink

I think it's a ridiculous invention. It doesn't serve humankind in any way unless you're OCD.

By Sphesihle (not verified) on 12 Apr 2015 #permalink

I wonder if something similar would work for a non-stick pan that doesn't require Teflon or other non-stick coatings? I guess the Indian lotus compound might burn off or be delicate, though, but how necessary is it for this process to work?

Personally I just want a car that I don't need to wash.

Ultrahydrophobic surfaces a very promising development.
Just think about a prandtl probe (something to measure the velocity of aircraft) incapable of freezing shut (because no water /no ice will stick). This will save lives!
This is also interesting for medical stuff: A catheter which does not stick is a heck of an improvement. Ask elder relatives. You will appreciate not having to suffer that much :)

By wereatheist (not verified) on 12 Apr 2015 #permalink

Forgot an 'are'.
BTW, Ilike licking the lid. disgusting human I am :)

By wereatheist (not verified) on 12 Apr 2015 #permalink

Most of the worlds population have OC tendencies in one area or another.
#5 has given a couple of examples where these surfaces would be useful for mankind in general, without flagging OCD in a negative way.
Aside from the humour of the topic (yes, I have to fight with the butter foil), there IS science in the body of this article.

I believe that it is a nice way of showing people that chemistry knowledge matters everywhere.

By Boysana Ramalope (not verified) on 12 Apr 2015 #permalink

wow.,.this is a great breakthrough,so just in the near future we will be yogurt suspended in space inside the yogurt container..i can live with that!

By Monaiwa TA (not verified) on 12 Apr 2015 #permalink

Its nicer licking yogurt off the lid, it is part of the yogurt tradition really. What if that chemical causes long term health problems,,dont like this!!!.

By Monaiwa TA (not verified) on 12 Apr 2015 #permalink

I agree with Sanisa, we would like to lick that lid for all its worth. As for persons living with OCD, it would be nice if they were taken into consideration but they should also keep in mind that some people would actually just enjoy licking the lid so they should actually note on the outside that it sticks to the lid or not. Please note, We still WANT to lick that lid.

There's nothing gross about licking it off the lid. The lid was hermetically sealed just like the rest of the inside of the container, so it should be safe!

You did contradict yourself though. You said "no coatings" and then proceeded to explain that it WAS specially coated. The coating isn't the whole story, sure, but it is still coated! The only issue might be allergies in some people.

The big takeaway was the final line about making the inside of the container non-stick. That's where my interest is, and in the long term, making all my dishes non-stick like this. That last step won't work if it requires a coating that could be worn off. I'm wanting these meta materials to get to the point they can do it without our help (here, "meta material" means "existing materials can't do what you want, but you can force it to behave that way anyway").

By Dark Jaguar (not verified) on 13 Apr 2015 #permalink

hahahaha... Interesting comments here. Japan did an incredible job for developing the non-adhesion technology. But as for the yogurt lid, I don't see what kind of impact this will have on consumers. It's just a marketing strategy. But I believe this this technology could be useful in other ways. For instance if it could be used in instruments like conical flasks and any other form of container used in a lab, this will limit errors scientist make at labs when doing experiments.


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eversince i could remember . i never saw the way the yogurt sticking the lid as gross , actually i thought it was amazing , that feeling you get when you lick the lid and if it happen that it does not stick the lid i was disappointed that i will just throw out the lid without licking it first and still that i did not find any wrong in the yogurt like this i just thought some have more fat that the other is this the case? 15202722

By sendra kawa (not verified) on 13 Apr 2015 #permalink

Everyone's overlooking the truly important application of this technology, something mankind and womankind certainly have been yearning for since time immemorial, the nonstick ketchup bottle! This has to be the marker of the next step in human evolution! Hooray!

@ 16, Terry
Heh,heh,heh, nice example.

There is a notice on every bottle, however - Shake well before use. If that failed, then a drop of vinegar always worked, then shake well again.

Although this is a interesting new invention. Lots of money and man power was set aside to invent something that didn't make the world a better place? was it that hard to lick the contents off the lid once you have opened it? why didn't they put the money and effort into something that could help the world like creating better renewable energy plants?

By Tim Blaker (not verified) on 14 Apr 2015 #permalink

It is a pretty cool invention. However how much time and money was spent on doing this? wouldn't it just be easier to lick the lid of your yougart instead of going through all this trouble? instead of researching this why didn't they use there resources to create better renewable energy.

By Tim Blaker (not verified) on 14 Apr 2015 #permalink

I definitely agree with you on this one. Any way that makes life easier is accepted with warm arms. I had no idea Teflon could be used to coat anything other than clothing. Wow, you learn something new everyday!

Even though this is a unnecessary invention, it still shows the capability of the human mind It shows we are scientifically developed beyond imagination, and for humans to be able to solve something as complex (it is more complex than it looks) as a non stick lid gives new hope and expectations.

By Marcelle de Jong (not verified) on 15 Apr 2015 #permalink

Technology is really improving, inventions In yogurts wow, they look nice and not only the taste must improve but also the nutritional value and lets hope it did improve because its nutrition first, for sake of our health

Technology is really improving, inventions In yoghurt wow, they look nice and not only the taste must improve but also the nutritional value and lets hope it did improve because its nutrition first, for sake of our health

I prefer yogurt sticking to the lid to because i get the chance to lick it. What is the non-stick lid made out of?

By Tshegofatso Pooe (not verified) on 17 Apr 2015 #permalink

I fall under the majority that find licking the lid of the yoghurt exhilarating and although it looks like its no harm to lick from the lid we should not overlook the danger it might have. If the lid is a metal it can cut the tongue

By R.S Sitwala u1… (not verified) on 17 Apr 2015 #permalink

u15064558 But where's the fun in having a yoghurt without licking the lid? I honestly think this was unnecessary to do a non sticky lid but however it's interesting how one could think of such an invention of which this could probably help with other science experiments

By Nosipho Masina (not verified) on 18 Apr 2015 #permalink

forgot option #5 to "And what, exactly, are you supposed to do with that stuck yogurt?"

5) admit to yourself that you are hopleeessly anal-retentive for feeling that this is such a grave annoyance

That is so cute to say that we should stick together like the yoghurt does to its lid:)

Lets keep this original and let keep the yoghurt sticking on its lid! Who does not like licking the yoghurt of the aluminium? :D