EuroTrip '08 - Berlin, part III, Wednesday dinner

For dinner, we went up high, really high - 230 meters, to a rotating restaurant, perhaps the highest blogger meetup to date?! There I met Cornelius Puschmann, Martin Fenner and his lovely wife, Catriona McCallum, Randolf Nesse, Bjoern Brembs and his girlfriend, and Mark who had to run early to watch, religiously, his team Chelsey in the semi-finals of the British soccer cup. We had beer and good food (some on dangerously looking skewers), quickly forgot about the vertigo, and discussed the future of scientific publishing:

i-e13e3fc5b401e02e6b5bb71e00b2c0db-Berlin 006.jpg
i-cf48628fbe9fed1f9115f2724ef79c46-Berlin 007.jpg
i-0a2d9eebb6404d2b55c70c5c2c84831b-Berlin 008.jpg
i-50042b8d07936e353730a3deb8e26dad-Berlin 009.jpg
i-79e70db1bb9a6ab9eeeb5934eb4b2200-Berlin 010.jpg
i-c2d3f9c34f1a0a5836b5468d728363ee-Berlin 011.jpg
i-16df35c9966eca359a912a9fc09c0b87-Berlin 012.jpg
i-540d05831fc10db01819820e5e9dbb28-Berlin 013.jpg
i-a58f39e00009a5547c055ac2819150a0-Berlin 014.jpg
i-b3a79acafbac1b7a6b5c07a9573cac0b-Berlin 015.jpg
i-e0d5947cf3f6fffe4a235f25a5cefc7b-Berlin 016.jpg
i-741ebfbff71321898de9d8dd888ce1d9-Berlin 017.jpg
i-4c483e184e3af1bd423bf3c09a3a11a4-Berlin 018.jpg
i-eecf89eaff08416aa2aca20a0c4609a4-Berlin 019.jpg
i-55f9c686d5361a3fa23e53a6fe73afea-Berlin 020.jpg
i-2ce9bdccb49914cb96b0846d8166f638-Berlin 021.jpg
i-277cea70a0b42bcc6c9d7dd594fcc92d-Berlin 022.jpg
i-92282fc7b3da5e78d48a9797383ff6f8-Berlin 023.jpg
i-be930e48d888fc9d861a07005a1947a3-Berlin 024.jpg
i-a115ad2b3bbd4ce4c940095237af91c5-Berlin 025.jpg
i-ec67e3b9b000802f560157147ab2b58c-Berlin 026.jpg

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Beautiful views and beautiful food! Looks like it was a wonderful visit. Jealous that you got to meet Martin Fenner. I am going to have to wait till the London meet-up. Hope you can make it as well!

That dinner was a lot of fun - and I haven't been up there for 25 years. I only wished we had more time to talk. Anna, I'm also looking forward to the London Science Blogger meeting.