New York City Blogger Meetup - brunch pictures

OK, so a bunch of us sciencebloggers went to New York City this weekend. This is something that we were trying to do for almost a year now. Sure, many of us Sciblings have met one-on-one on occasion, but this was an opportunity to get many of us together all in the same place at the same time, to have fun together and see what happens.

So, on Friday, most of us managed to meet at Seed magazine's (and offices. That is where we started on our first beers....(see my pictures from the event posted on Saturday, as well as other people's pictures)

Then we went to a Brewery on Union Square...and had some more beer...

Then we went to Adam Bly's House (he is the Editor-in-Chief of Seed), where we had, you guessed it, some more beer (or wine, plus some great food). A number of Seed editors and staffers were there as well. A few more Sciblings managed to arrive by that time. I realize I have no pictures of Carl Zimmer, Dr.Signout and Orli van Mourik (perhaps some other people do, so look around).

Then, we went to a karaoke bar, where we had more beer...and yes, several of us sang....

On Saturday, we went together for breakfast in smaller groups (see my pictures I posted earlier today), followed by a brunch (pictures under the fold), where they filmed us (actually, about two thirds of us sitting at two tables, there was another non-camera table for the anonymous third, staffers and significant others). We talked about sciencey stuff and hopefully some clips of that will appear on the Seed site in the near future. That was also a good opportunity (while we were waiting for the cameras to get set up) for me to go around and promote PLoS and to promote the Science Blogging Conference.

That afternoon, a group of us went to the AMNH and saw two special exhibits - Galactic Collisions and Frogs (pictures still to come).

In the evening we went to BBar for dinner and beer for about 3.5 hours, followed by much more (and much cheaper) beer at a place called Colliseum. A few of our readers joined us for the occasion (pictures to follow, here, on Facebook and on Flickr).

i-e7b6db5fb66a356504e4ba9cd33ecdef-Bora and Sheril.jpg
Me and Sheril Kirshenbaum

i-5c1a5136ec09ab3b941769a176a62229-Chris Rowan.jpg
Chris Rowan

i-769f5cec93db48ea9ed0f9b4afca33f9-Evil and Tara S.jpg
Evil Monkey and Tara Smith

i-a8c3e193dddbfe58ac23f54328a0e55f-Ginny Hughes Pi.jpg
Virginia Hughes

i-f3f1096795db3cdb0865f924a53792d7-Jake Y.jpg
Jake Young

i-63c5759b89fcdd9f2c99ec796e5572d7-Jason R.jpg
Jason Rosenhouse

i-eb9fb3aaea6c0fcb762d878fb7ad92ed-Jennifer J.jpg
Jennifer Jacquet

i-efb280cc4db13469fac3e249ad040ad0-Josh Rosenau.jpg
Josh Rosenau

i-6c335abe794dcc3b7bf2303c66c1f8e0-Kara C.jpg
Kara Contreary

i-b2af30c8c21bfd3efa80145e0aee5bce-Karmen F.jpg
Karmen Franklin

i-861f8a43e49d73d3c3a97b7df6c286c7-Katherine S.jpg
Katherine Sharpe

i-be9eb0644529c96856ac06a98b078640-Katherine S 2.jpg
Katherine Sharpe

i-6b29fa39f2ff87032def00db163cbb4f-Kevin B, Chris R and Karmen F.jpg
Kevin Beck, Chris Rowan and Karmen Franklin

i-259be9c6a0c896d23ed6cdd654eafe0e-Mark CC.jpg
Mark Chu-Carroll

i-4504e3b5942afcbf026645ff8d07c2fc-Mark Hoofnagle.jpg
Mark Hoofnagle

i-f27bfe52dec0a8cf0251bee107f0910b-Mark H with girlfriend.jpg
Mark Hoofnagle with girlfriend

i-8d413641b8f7d7a4783b49f189c0b046-Mike D.jpg
Mike Dunford

Chris Mooney

i-e6a041c1306975b4777a1c956bf20455-Orac RI.jpg

i-9e04817df633423623dd2b5d70e1abbc-Shelley Batts.jpg
Shelley Batts

Mark Chu-Carroll, Jake Young, Kara Contreary and Evil Monkey (the non-camera table)

Mark Chu-Carroll, Jake Young, Kara Contreary> and Virginia Hughes (the non-camera table)

i-419b5cb5205910faeba0e6d64beb0ca0-table that was off cameras.jpg
More from the non-camera table

i-d5f52973d2ce7989ebcd4ced716cb9c4-PZ Myers, Grrrl, Mark H and RPM.jpg
PZ Myers, Grrlscientist, Mark Hoofnagle and RPM (part of Camera Table #1)

i-8be8e439f8662398e2895c07af6505f8-Rob, Mike D, Josh R, PZ, Grrrl, RPM.jpg
Rob Knop, Mike Dunford, Josh Rosenau, PZ Myers, Grrlscientist and RPM (part of Camera Table #1)

i-07dc8d21c05026846b951b0a28b19d3e-Steve H, Mo, Rob, Mike D, Josh R.jpg
Steve Higgins, Mo Costandi, Rob Knop, Mike Dunford and Josh Rosenau (part of Camera Table #1)

i-d517306eaee3adc51d3d7e3ccd211db3-Table 1.jpg
More from Table #1

i-80cfc4c8a2c725be2069744a32f823fa-Jen, Mooney and Dave M.jpg
Jennifer Jacquet, Chris Mooney and Dave Munger (part of Camera Table #2)

i-13c1a5e05448432ed9785679aa5d754b-Jennifer and Mooney.jpg
Jennifer Jacquet and Chris Mooney (part of Camera Table #2)

i-28af9454e0ec91532ad977038ec2e162-Sheril and Jennifer.jpg
Sheril Kirshenbaum and Jennifer Jacquet (part of Camera Table #2 - also at the table: Janet Stemwedel, Suzanne Franks and James Hrynyshyn)

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New York City Blogger Meetup - breakfast pictures
New York City Blogger Meetup - brunch pictures
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