EuroTrip '08 - Berlin, part IV, sightseeing

Time to put up some of the pictures. Catriona took me around Berlin, for whatever one can see in just a day and a half - the Brandenburg gate, a slab of the Berlin wall, etc....

Quick breakfast:

i-12ef00f2e559f0f1d6ac3fd5785f5a9a-Berlin 027.jpg
i-7a4d737f2d6ecbcf824ae66d3f3a1058-Berlin 028.jpg
i-c0e69aeb38563b8a20248b57b2432cba-Berlin 029.jpg

Going from West to East Berlin:

i-1dde5413961f47d20c7aeca644622fb7-Berlin 080.jpg
i-9081780a91fb79f1348e270e67c4c8a0-Berlin 081.jpg
i-52436863d5a39336cf06b3602e48015a-Berlin 082.jpg
i-8b13975bbbc0f746c58397a47aea2425-Berlin 083.jpg
i-c8b7c1631e32c2f6b0960a706ea22656-Berlin 085.jpg
i-4b032d1535ddcc5493911bb603b73603-Berlin 094.jpg
i-551fd148be56ea4e1989b99c85931fe1-Berlin 095.jpg
i-210cf602bb8b86412d10f825bf07d770-Berlin 096.jpg
i-2ff6d4206673b84b03b2ea5024911df0-Berlin 097.jpg

The Wall:

i-b2159351614f26629b18b5bfe1becd6f-Berlin 098.jpg

The oldest traffic light in Germany:

i-ac2c4c64b27a6d8c14daaa38e42c0b55-Berlin 099.jpg
i-11705a5114d401232fdb95f39c03708d-Berlin 100.jpg
i-967a7c903dfe230ab4bf7e8ad21b48eb-Berlin 101.jpg
i-0597e8edeacc4a77d136abcf8d88e5e4-Berlin 102.jpg


i-460b800c2c0ae762116b14d554831d88-Berlin 109.jpg
i-77bd4de7be6cf3af48a188479665fdfa-Berlin 110.jpg
i-3abfcaa2f501f0b254c01d4df4fbd8dd-Berlin 111.jpg
i-1870703fb0ca67f589bee30529c43970-Berlin 112.jpg
i-d85b60f7ee9e43b7e2cde6a314e505ce-Berlin 113.jpg
i-ed9e31ac1e6e16dd45d0cc7f501a888c-Berlin 117.jpg
i-f4375b7f0bf9c4d733d4949547000c4e-Berlin 118.jpg

More like this

After a lovely flight, Catriona met me at the airport. We went to the Institute where I checked in my room, set up my wifi, then went down to meet the people and have lunch: various cold cuts, true Coca Cola, and a cream puff:
More pictures from the Museum: We found a Coturnix: Enormous insects: Linnaeus, Ernst Mayr and Charles Darwin:
Catriona and I, obviously, had fun here: Fossils, including the best Archaeopterix in the world: The Evolution of Life:
For dinner, we went up high, really high - 230 meters, to a rotating restaurant, perhaps the highest blogger meetup to date?! There I met Cornelius Puschmann, Martin Fenner and his lovely wife, Catriona McCallum, Randolf Nesse, Bjoern Brembs and his girlfriend, and Mark who had to run early to…

Is there a story behind the gold statues (the group, not Victory)? I've seen other pictures of them but no commentary.

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