Five species of ferns, happily cohabitating in a single large flowerpot on my porch - I have four other species, but those appear to be happier when kept seperately, one in each pot:



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I have a bunch of plants on my porch, mostly ferns, but also some flowers. One of these has really tiny flowers that I thought would be pollinated by small insects - not bigger than a honeybee. So, I was really surprised to see a hummingbird come and sip nectar out of it. Moreover, it is a huge…
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Nice mix of ferns you have there.

In my case I have":

Chinese Crested Fern that I rescued, it was two sticks with one leaf each, now it's huge.

A Spider Plant and now I know why they're called that.

And several plants from seed that have not yet come to fruition.

Hi Bora -- I'd love to have a 'fernery' down the shaded, damp passage that runs down the side of my house - it would be perfect. I'd have the sorts of things that grow wild round here - hart's tongues, and Dryopteris. I'd also like some horsetails (Equisetum), which grow wild in abundance, but will have to confine them to pots as they get everywhere.

Gee Minor (she of the Unicycling Girrafes) loves ferns as they remind her of dinosaurs. For her 10th birthday she wanted a specimen of Dicksonia Antarctia - a tree fern -- and her grandparents gave her £25 to buy a nice one.