Juno - at the age of 9 weeks

So what is she? A Chihuahua? She's adorable. Total cuteness overload. Love the mirror pic and the sleeping pic. Did your daughter take these?

Yes, a chihuahua, and my daughter took these picks (she took many more, but only gave me these)....Thank you.

Oh man, she's adorable. For some reason she doesn't have that uggo look about her that most chihuahuas seem to have. She almost looks like a Jack Russel in the face.

Ha! Our previous dog was a Jack Russell terrier - the best breed in the world!

im in ur hous bein teh cute & fakein out teh peeps so no1 wil noes iz rly TEH EEEEEEEEEEEEEVIIIIIIILLLLLLLLL LOLOLOLOLOL

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