ScienceOnline09 - Alternative Careers


If you look at the Program carefully, you will see there are three sessions specifically addressing the question of alternative careers at the ScienceOnline09. Here they are:

How to become a (paid) science journalist: advice for bloggers - This session is moderated by Rebecca Skloot and Tom Levenson:

Bloggers are bloggers because they like to write. But writing a blog is not the same as writing for a newspaper or magazine (or radio or TV). Most science bloggers have a background in science, not journalism. So, how does one become a science journalist? We'll ask some journalists for advice.

Alternative careers: how to become a journal editor - This session is moderated by Henry Gee (senior editor at Nature) and Peter Binfield (managing editor of PLoS ONE):

The leaky pipeline is a problem: many more people earn PhDs in science than there are tenure-track faculty positions. Alternative careers include government or corporate research, teaching, writing/journalism, etc. One attractive job for a young scientist is that of an editor of a scientific journal. But how do you become one? We'll ask some editors for useful tips.

Blog-To-Book: You are a science blogger but you want to publish a pop-sci book? - This session is moderated by Tom Levenson and Dave Munger:

A number of bloggers have signed book deals recently. But how does one get such a deal? How should one adjust one's blogging in order to become attractive to agents? Who to contact? How to write a proposal? How to write the book? And once it's published, how to promote it online? We'll ask some writers who are also bloggers, and some bloggers who snagged book deals, to share the secrets of getting a book published. Share your experiences as well.


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