Last year, the only snow day in the Triangle was January 20th. I remember, because a number of locals could not drive to the 2nd Science Blogging Conference. This year we were wiser so we organized it a few days early. And, lo and behold, on January 20th this year, we had snow again:


This was also the first time Juno saw snow. It took her three walks to lose the fear of this strange, white substance:

i-33ddebd33ee97181bad5eee5a5080776-Juno in the snow.jpg

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hmmm Winston Salem had this morning barely, maybe, if we are rrrrrreally generous, about 1.5 cm of snow... Djordje was trying hard to make a snow ball - it ended up just being it: trying... However, Forsyth County schools are CLOSED DUE TO INCLEMENT WEATHER!!!!!!!!!! Are you kidding????

Bora, remember us going to school using PUBLIC transport at knee high snow, with hope teacher who lived beyond city limits would not come (bus transport aborted in the area), and our horror seeing him shinning like it was summer time in the classroom - never will understand how did he make it each time.

Yes, Djordje and I froze our brains to arrive to the conference, but luckily the road was most of the route dry (few black ice spots didn't make a problem). I would hate if it was slippery. Perhaps that might be good to think to have next year conference that is moved towards less probable inclement weather, huh?

During the conference, my wife kept telling me that it was "too hot" back home in San Diego (mid 80's). just sayin'...

By Andrew Su (not verified) on 20 Jan 2009 #permalink

I know about the NC snow. It delayed my flight out of RDU for 2 hrs. I was very much enjoying north carolina winter -- much warmer than the mid-west. Nice snow photos.

I posted some winter scene photos today, too.