X-ray images on blogs are cool...

Well, I don't have pretty pictures of my brain, but those who follow me on Twitter/FriendFeed/Facebook know that my older dog, Millie, had a surgery over New Year's - a very enlarged uterus full of pus had to go out.

She is doing fine now, completely recovered.

What I really liked was that I got to keep a CD with her X-rays. When I put a CD in my laptop, I get images that are somewhat interactive, i.e., if I click on a detail, that detail gets enlarged. But I could not figure out how to save that format on my computer - all I get are static images that I cannot manipulate in any way. But anyway, here they are:

i-bfbe430b535558f207e6d355e15e480c-millie x rays0002.jpg
i-1dcc3e106694f70200c8674275721ed8-millie x rays0003.jpg

I wish I paid attention in my Radiology class back in vet school 20 years ago....

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