When NYTimes shills for the Rightwingnutosphere

NY Times and 'Serious' Journalism:

Also in the Sunday edition, however, was the paper's long-demanded interview with Obama, which the Times somewhat arrogantly considers its birthright with every new president. The reporters used the opportunity to learn a few things about Obama's work and goals. But in the process one reporter, Peter Baker, asked one of the most idiotic questions I've ever heard from a reputable news organization. He asked if Obama was a socialist, and then, when Obama said no, followed up with, "Is there anything wrong with saying yes?" Obama, for his part, called the paper later to say he couldn't believe the paper was "entirely serious." That's more polite than the journalists deserved.

The Capitalist-in-Chief:

It's not easy to shock our famously unflappable president. But when Peter Baker of the New York Times asked Barack Obama during an interview on Air Force One on Friday if he was a socialist, that's exactly what happened.

Obama initially replied with a denial and a largely boilerplate answer about his budget plan. But some 90 minutes later, he called the Times back to express his disbelief that the question was actually intended seriously, to castigate critics who have been using the term against him -- and to point out that it was George W. Bush, not he, who started buying up shares in banks.

It was another lesson for Obama in the ways of Washington, where Republican calumnies still make it into the mainstream political discourse with alarming ease.....

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G W Bush was a communist dictator. Launched a war into afghanistan, established gulags for enemies of the state and effectively nationalised a series of institutions for the "good of the people".

THEREFORE all republicans are communists as well.

Which leaves one question - why does the Republico-Stalinist Party hate America so much?

By The Truth(TM) (not verified) on 11 Mar 2009 #permalink

Actually I lied, there is another question - have republicans stopped beating their wives yet?

By The Truth(TM) (not verified) on 11 Mar 2009 #permalink