Happy Birthday Nikola Tesla!

Three years ago it was a big round number.

This year, it's the Google logo:


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Today is the 150th birthday of Nikola Tesla. Here is an attempt to put in one place as much as can be found about the celebrations of his birthday and birth-year, the information about Tesla, the mentions in the media and on blogs, etc. I will keep updating this post throughout the day so,…
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Guru alerts me to a sweet article about Nikola Tesla and how he is inspiring writers and artists - Tesla Slept Here by Mark Singer in the latest New Yorker : The Tesla saga has provided fodder for an opera, a play, and several biographies. Standing in the lobby the other day, Kinney mentioned that…

I was three years ago one of those involved in official celebration of Nikola Tesla in Belgrade. We made at the Republic Square in Belgrade a computer cluster driven of course by Free software GNU/Linux and showed on huge screen visualizations of various molecules. Citizens have had an opportunity to see how cluster works, get free CDs of cluster and scientific software. Our cluster exchanged calculations between computers via wireless network since Nikola Tesla was pioneer in wireless communications.
I think that all we owe a lot to such a great mind as Nikola Tesla.