...mimicking a snake:

i-6223c6a1dcdde1250047da89629b698b-leptir sa zmijom mala.jpg

[Copyright Miroslav Midanovic]

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[copyright Miroslav Midanovic]
This one is big: [Copyright Miroslav Midanovic]
My kum Miroslav (see previous posts just below) has taken a picture of this lizard, which is quite common in Nigeria. This is a male (females are more drab and single-colored) and it is about 0.5 meters long (20 inches). What is the common name and the Latin name of this lizard? Please tell me…
So Bill Maher is interviewing a sitting US Senator about evolution. This Senator is not so sure about evolution ("the scientific communty is a little divided on that") and Maher is a little sceptical that intelligent people could actually believe in a talking snake: You're a Senator. You are one…

It is a moth. I just used the title of the photo non-thinkingly and automatically.