Cooling the Planet with Geoengineering

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Our guest in this Science Forum is economist Scott Barrett of Columbia University's Earth Institute. Chat with Barrett about the science and politics of geoengineering, the emerging field of science aimed at cooling the planet.

Barrett is an expert on international environmental agreements. He is currently studying the politics and economics of geoengineering. He says countries are more likely to geoengineer climate than reduce their carbon emissions. Read his paper on The Incredible Economics of Geoengineering.

Barrett is the author of Environment and Statecraft: The Strategy of Environmental Treaty-Making. (Here's a review of the book.) Barrett also blogs for Yale Global Online.

Bring your own questions and comments for Scott Barrett. He's here in the forum through April 19th. The conversation is just to the right.


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Thanks for posting about this Bora! The discussion has taken off nicely already... There seems to be a lot of tension between (a) the idea that it would be irresponsible or foolish to intentionally alter the climate, and (b) the idea that we've already been doing unintentional geoengineering for more than 100 years.

The earth isn't cooling. Certain areas have a cooling trend over a year or two, but the rest of the earth, and the average temperature of the earth is still warming. Looking at data is the only way to support this opinion, and I don't see any data coming out of you or any other denier for that matter.
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