"Who Are You?" Thread

Dear readers,

With "Dean's Corner" in its third month, I would like to learn about you. Inspired by Ed Yong's thread, I ask that you tell me about yourself, your interest in science and how you got here.
I'm intrigued that readers of this blog are spread far and wide. Here's a snapshot from yesterday's pageviews:


From Ed Yong's thread at Discover:

In the comments below, tell me who you are, what your background is and what you do. What's your interest in science and your involvement with it? How did you come to this blog, how long have you been reading, what do you think about it, and how could it be improved?

But really, these questions are a rough guide. I'm working on the basis that what you have to say will be far more interesting than what I think you might say.

So say as little or as much as you like, but do say something, even if you've never commented before and even if you commented on the last "Who are you?" thread.

(PS - Thanks to Drugmonkey for restarting this meme. He's got a fuller list of everyone else's threads too)

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I'm a PhD student in Biomedical/Bioengineering, based on the West Coast of the US.

I more or less follow all of the Scienceblogs and Scientopia blogs, so I've been reading your blog from the very beginning. I like how it's developed, the eclecticism of the posts is to my mind a good thing. I would like to see a greater number of academia-centric posts, though I understand that that might not be your intention for the blog.

My only other comment would be that I respectfully disagree with your stance on the Huffington Post. While there is something to be said for your argument that there need to be more legitimate scientists on there, my experience with the sheer amount of accepted and legitimized pseudoscience that the site spews out has been sufficient to a) make me decide never to read a link to it, and b) strongly believed that it should be abandoned to its unscientific ways, and that true scientists should not participate in it. My rationale for this has little to do with whether the site is institutionally anti-science, or anti-rationality. I has to do with a fear that a HuffPo reader, after coming across Deepak Chopra's latest bit of pseudoscience, may come across a post made by someone like you, and be under the impression that the two have equal legitimacy. If however, the site is evidently full of only pseudo-scientists, then it can no longer use people like you to provide a veneer of scientific respectability.

By Grad Student (not verified) on 10 Feb 2011 #permalink

I'm a grad student who follows way too many blogs around here. Also, I'd like to serve as the cricket on your shoulder for reading more John Holt and things like the Robinson video.

I love the 'joy of science' type posts of yours (apparently the sources you read to keep up from are different enough from what I read that I hear about new things here). Also, I got a kick out of the malaria interview thingy- good to be reminded what kind of questions the educated layman will have.

I blog over at The Pump Handle about public health issues, and I started reading Dean's Corner as soon as I saw your posts start appearing on the "Last 24 Hours" page. One thing I appreciate about your blog is the broad range of topics you cover. They're pretty much all things I'm interested in, but I usually don't expect to see all of them in one place.

I'm a long time science and math geek. No formal schooling just in the trenches making stuff work since the late 60s. I'm a certified sound engineer, computer/network systems administrator. Currently unemployed and looking for work.

Hi! I'm an ex Analyst/Programmer and md of a software company who supplements his meagre pension by working as a cabinet-maker and antique-restorer. I'm British but live in Cyprus (that's a European island, not a town in Florida). Did all the sciences at school, try to keep in touch (though they're losing me on string-theory).
I was brought to Science Blogs through my scepticism and I am fiercely anti-woo.

Police Officer in Australia, have first hand experience that we are closely aligned to chimpanzees....(after 12 years, I am still shocked at how stupid people can really be!) avid follower of Richard Dawkins and Prof Myers, am very interested in the science blogs due to my scepticism! I am a mother of two daughters who attend public school, I am a supporter of kicking religion out of the public school system, generally kicking them out of meddling in State affairs all together! Who the hell do they think they are!!!

Statistics professor in SW Michigan.