Hydrino and good PR

This is amazing. I can't believe that power companies are paying Blacklight Power money, but they are. I guess Blacklight Power must have great advertising. Ok, so what is this whole Blacklight-hyrdino thing? Honestly, I am not fully familiar with it, but basically this guy says that you can get energy by getting the electron in hydrogen to go to a lower energy level than ground state. Here are a few good links regarding this hydrino stuff.

Well, this is old news, but that should be enough to get you started. Googling for hydrino gives you tons of crazy stuff.

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Mass-energy is conserved because time is homogeneous, then Noether's theorems. Thermodynamics plus the Beckenstein bound gives General Relativity. It is then no big deal to make an utter mockery of mainstream science and its self-imposed limitations. One need only profoundly alter the local structure of the universe at a scale somewhere between the Scharnhorst effect and black holes... presumably without its playing Crack the Whip thereafter.

Reduction to practice is left as an exercise for the interested reader. The rest of us will be seeking loopholes not new legislation.

(Noether has a loophole: discontinuous symmetries that cannot be approximated by a Taylor series - parity. We know by observation that parity does not impact physics derived from fundamental symmetries, aside from that Yang and Lee stuff and overall anything coupled to angular momentum. Shoes, gloves, screws; rotation, torque, right hand rules, particle spin with translation; chiral protein amina acids and chiral sugars, chiral pharma; whether left and right shoes vacuum free fall identically. None of that justifies prusuit.)

Investing money in Blacklight Power is obviously crazy, but somehow Randell Mills seems to have continued inexplicable success in getting funding for "hydrino" work.

What I can't figure out is: is Randell Mills sincere, or is he deliberately scamming folks out of their money?

By Anonymous Coward (not verified) on 17 Aug 2009 #permalink

The natural impulse is to be skeptical. So far their only verification seems to be tests at "Rowan University". I thought, great, some community college that they bought off -- but no, Rowan is listed in US News and World Reports best colleges.

BlackLight Power seems to be given us every reason to believe in them, and I find almost zero refutation other than people saying "I can't believe that...blah, blah, blah".

The one thing that puzzles me is that if true, there should be hundreds of universities studying the phenomena. But still, Rowan is rated an excellent university in engineering.

At this point, my conclusion is that the result is literally "stunning" as in people are so stunned by it they are incapable of action...the physics community viewing it like primitive men meeting the space aliens or Aztecs meeting Cortez.

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Now Mills is saying that these 'hydrinos' are dark matter... he also claims to have solutions for the cure for cancer and aids- though some of his medical research seems to be respected... I've spent a lot of time reading up on this guy, and he's pretty enigmatic... certainly dogmatic about his ideas. For a clear discussion of why it's not possible to 'push' electrons below their ground state- using some arithmetic and basic calculus- check out this site:


Now Mills is saying that these âhydrinosâ are dark matter⦠he also claims to have solutions for the cure for cancer and aids- though some of his medical research seems to be respected⦠Iâve spent a lot of time reading up on this guy, and heâs pretty enigmatic⦠certainly dogmatic about his ideas. For a clear discussion of why itâs not possible to âpushâ electrons below their ground state- using some arithmetic and basic calculus- check out this site:
...bottom line- does more total energy come out than goes in?


Fractional quantum state hydrogen, also coined the hydrino only exists as a mathematical construct to calculate values that cannot be physically measured between different inertial frames. The confusion arises because it wasn't made clear the equations solving for such states were from a relativistic perspective where the observer and his ruler exist in different inertial frame from the faster moving orbitals inside the cavity. Like the Twin paradox from Physics 101, IF the twin on earth using his earth bound ruler could somehow measure his twin at high acceleration he would find his twin and the hydrogen atom each carried with them both appear shrunken due to displacement on the time axis which has no distance unit of measure but still reduces an objects perspective as it displaces in either direction. The "high velocityâ twin and his own ruler would likewise see the earth bound twin shrunken from his temporally displaced perspective regardless of spatial proximity. Of course neither is really shrunk but the High Velocity twin exists at fractional seconds per second compared to the relatively stationary twin on earth who ages more rapidly. Similarily, the hydrogen that diffuses into a Casimir cavity experiences an "equivalent de-acceleration" the reverse of an " equivalent acceleration" a spaceship would experience in a deep gravity well like an event horizon where it appears to "hold a stationary spatial position" in opposition to the falling gravitational field but still experiences time dilation just like the "high velocity" twin. The hydrogen inside the Casimir cavity doesn't have to move spatially anymore than the spaceship approaching the event horizon does, this is relative motion to a gravitational field measured between an object remaining spatially stationary inside the cavity(like the spaceship in a deep gravity well) and a reference object outside that cavity where the gravitational field and therefore relative motion is different. The reference outside a Casimir cavity also remains spatially stationary so the differential in relative motion to the field outside vs inside a cavity is on the temporal axis where X,Y,Z of X,Y,Z,t remain relatively stationary while confinement of spatial axis as defined by Casimir cavity allows the temporal acceleration vector to accept donations of heat energy from the other axis most notably the diminishing axis of the closing plates (normally considered X axis) in 3D it approaches a 2D limit just before closing completely.