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I would just like to take this post and use it to promote some relatively new blogs that I like. Speaking of blogs, I think I have classified blog posts into 3 different kinds.

  • Link aggregators. Chad at Uncertain Principles does this with his Links posts. These kind of blog posts are the glue of the internet. It actually turns out to be important for people to somehow determine what is worthwhile and what is not. The problem is that any old fool can put stuff on the internet and sometimes only an expert would know it is crap. Link posters may not always be experts, but as a whole they do a fine job.
  • Discussion starters. Sometimes the text in a post is just the beginning of a conversation. Sometimes these conversations happen in the comments of that blog, but sometimes they happen across blogs. For instance - look at Built on Facts and The Virtuosi. Both have posts that are kind of like a detailed comment on the same idea.
  • Content. Maybe content isn't the best word. Really, all of these are examples of content. What I really mean to say here is new stuff. Here is an example from Think Thank Thunk with a post that looks at "area" under a curve for calculus. The thing I like about that particular post is the javascript game that was made to accompany the content.

Ok, now on to the blogs:


Think Thank Thunk is Shawn Cornally's blog. He is a high school math, physics and computer science teacher. His posts seems to be a combination of those three areas, and I find it to be an interesting and entertaining blog.


The Abstract is an official North Carolina State University blog. It is still pretty new, but I like it (not just because I went to NC State). The basic idea is to highlight some of the cool stuff going on at the university. I know other institutions have something like this - but the main point is that they should all have something like this.


The Virtuosi. For some reason, this name makes me think of the illuminati. This blog is run by a bunch of graduate students at Cornell. All I can say is that some of their posts make me jealous. Jealous that I didn't think of them first. Good job Virtuosi.

If you have any of your own favorite (or your own) blog. Feel free to post it in the comments.

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Thanks. We're still getting the hang of this blogging business, but we have to say, you've served as one of our primary inspirations. Keep up the good work!

Well, I didn't know that - go Pack!

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