Wednesday Whatzits: Mayon and Kilauea

I'll be giving a talk this afternoon here at Denison on rhyolite generation, so I might be a little brief this morning.

Undated image of Mayon in the Philippines.

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I'll put on you on the spot and ask, "How do you generate rhyolite Erik?"

While we have to wait for things to develop further at Mayon, we can now take a look at the Soufrière Hills volcano (Montserrat) in real time: the MVO ( is providing images from a monitoring camera. As of 17.58 h (time indicated in image frame) there's quite some pyroclastic flow activity visible.

Web cam link:…

Wow Boris, how have I missed this updated MVO website until now? I think they have set the bar for Volcano Observatory sites - lots of info, webcams and well organized. Kudos to the MVO folks.

That undated pic of Mayon: it looks very like the 1993 lava flow down the SE flank in the middle of the image, which would give an upper age limit for its date

Thoroughly interesting looking blog. My eldest son is developing a keen interest in all things related to volcanoes. This blog may be just the thing to stimulate him further.