Blogiversary programming notes.

Hey, today is the third anniversary of my first post on "Adventures in Ethics and Science" at the original digs. I can honestly say that when I started the blog as a virtual extension of class discussions in my "Ethics in Science" I didn't imagine that it would continue past the end of the semester, nor that it would get scooped up to become part of ScienceBlogs.

A few notes before the cupcakes:

  • I've made some post-Blogroll Amnesty Day updates to my blogroll (and, with luck, didn't mess up any of the links). But it's not too late to tell me about a blog I really should be reading!
  • I actually removed a couple blogs from the blogroll because the bloggers in question are now SciBlings (which means you can get to their blogs via the handy pull-down menu near the top of the right sidebar, labeled "BLOGS IN THE NETWORK"). Most recently, DrugMonkey, Green Gabbro, and bioephemera came to the network, and new co-bloggers joined Deep Sea News (Kevin Zelnio), Pure Pedantry (Kate Seip), and On being a scientist and a woman (Alice Pawley). A warm welcome to them all!
  • For those still interested in the ongoing discussion on the ethics of blogging about science, the wiki seems to be chugging along (although occasionally the site seems to go down and/or be overwhelmed by spammers trying to sell pharmaceuticals). I don't envision the end-product of these conversations as a formal code of ethics (although some folks seemed to think it might be good to propose such a code). Given how many different blogging styles and agendas there are even in the science-y subset of the blogosphere, I don't thinks there could be a one-size-fits-all set of rules or guidelines. Still, having an ongoing conversation about better ways to accomplish particular goals with our blogging, and good ways to treat others within our blogging communities, seems like it could have good consequences. So let's see where it goes.
  • For those of you who have asked: there is a plan afoot to develop a book that includes Friday Sprogalogues (TM Larry Ayers). I'll let you in on more details as the project progresses.

Thanks to you, my readers and commenters, for making this whole blogging thing so worthwhile!

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Happy Blogiversary!

In the words of commenters from another mass medium, "I love your show."

And thanks for the amnesty link. I think I receive several visits a day from it.