Last-minute weekend plans.

It's true that I recently returned from a fairly geeky conference, but I just found out about one happening practically in my backyard. And, given that I don't yet have any papers to grade, I figured I should check it out.


(Today is the last day to register without paying the late registration fee, in case that helps you make up your mind.)

From the web page:

She's Geeky's 5th unconference, the third in the Bay Area, is coming up the last weekend in January at the Computer History Museum [Map] in Mountain View.  Register now to receive regular pricing.
Who is invited?
Are you a woman? Are you a Geek? This event is for you! We invite women from a diverse array of technological fields and those doing technology within non-technical fields.
All three days will be run the same, beginning with group/interactive agenda setting in the morning. Choose which day(s) you'll come based on your schedule. Choose how many days based on how much community exposure and opportunity you want and need. Each day will have new things to offer!
Learn more about how our unconference works.
Proposed Topics
You can see the growing list of proposed topics here on our wiki. As women register they are asked what they would like to present on, learn about & discuss with peers.
Bring Your Daughters!
We even created a special ticket price for them. Girls as young as 9 years old have attended She's Geeky with their mothers / aunts / mentors.

I'll be there on Saturday. If you're there too, say "hi"!

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