To Roanoke!

As soon as I am done teaching this afternoon I will hop into the Jason-mobile and sally forth to scenic Roanoke, Virginia. I will be giving my Monty Hall talk at Roanoke College this evening at 7:00. If anyone reading this is familiar with the campus, I will be speaking in Massengill Auditorium. See you there!

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First, the good news: I will be attending the spring section meeting of the Mathematical Association of America this Friday and Saturday. The meeting is being held at Roanoke College, and as you can see here, I'm giving one of the Big Shot talks. Lucky me! I'll be talking about the Monty Hall…
Later today I will hop into the Jasonmobile and sally forth to Richmond, VA, where I will be the guest speaker in the Discrete Math Seminar at Virginia Commonwealth University. I will be giving an edge-of-your-seat barn burner of a talk called, “Cheeger Constants of Graphs and Surfaces.” Should…
Tomorrow I will observe New Year's Day by hopping into the Jasonmobile and driving to my New Jersey office. Which is to say, I will be visiting my parents. Then on Tuesday I shall hop on a train and sally forth to Boston, which is hosting the annual math extravaganza knows as the Joint…
Happy news for Stevens County: Senate Candidate Al Franken will be speaking in Morris this Thursday (Oct. 11) at 7:00 in the Science Auditorium on the UMM campus, in a talk is sponsored by the UMM College Democrats. No charge, open to the public, everyone should come. I'll be there!

I grew up in Roanoke and took a class or two at Roanoke College (which is actually in Salem, the next town over). Hope you enjoy your visit.

The trip went fine. I've been to Roanoke College before, but that was several years ago. The campus is very attractive and makes a pleasing impression. Except for the math building, alas, which is one more data point in my theory that on any given college campus the math department is likely to be housed in the least attractive building on campus.

I had a great time, though, and it was very nice of them to invite me. I had an audience of about sixty people. Hopefully I'll have a chance to do it again some time.

anon --

Thanks for the heads-up.

When are you going to get down to Raleigh/Durham, NC? Tell NC State to invite you!

Itchy --

Well, I would love to visit Raleigh/Durham! Alas, it's usually considered poor form to request an invitation. :(

As a graduate of Roanoke, I can vouch for the fact that it is a beautiful campus, as well as the fact that the building housing the Math Dept. is ugly.