Framing Science Ranks Among Top 15 Science Blogs

Wikio has its latest rankings out, tracking the most influential blogs about science (as well as many other categories.)

Framing Science has pushed up from the top 25 blogs about science to break into the top 15, based on number and influence of links to the site.

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For the fourth straight month, Framing Science ranks among the top 15 science-related blogs, as tracked by Wikio. The position of a blog in the Wikio ranking depends on the number and weight of the incoming links from other blogs. (Blogrolls are not taken into account and Wikio only counts links…
I may not generate the type of ideologically-intense traffic of a PZ Myers, but when it comes to influence, Framing Science continues its steady ascent. According to Wikio's latest rankings, this site climbed one spot during the month of July to #14 among science-related blogs (#11 if you go by…
I just found out that the journal impact factors for 2005 were recently released, and as usual, the journals with the highest impact factors are not necessarily the ones that would be considered the most prestigious. Therefore, the following post from the archives, about an alternative rating…


Hi, Matthew

Well done to you. At Wikio we're proud of the array of categories we have and it's good to see people being rewarded for hard work and good blogging.


Just to be clear, you are not number 15. The list is flawed. See this!

You would be 12, by my count.

While obviously congratulations to all you ScienceBloggers, I am less than impressed with this list as a whole, and not just because I didn't make it, lol. Have you seen some of the people on there? Steven Milloy... Climate Audit... some car blog... and a bunch of bloggers with tiny audiences that even I crushed last month.

Without wanting to seem egotistical, I'm annoyed to see denialist and anti-science blogs with smaller audiences than mine make the Top 100 of a list that Wikio don't even seem to want to add me to.

Lol, I do seem egotistical don't I :P But