Oh Look, Links

I'm saving all my brilliance for a job interview today. So here, have some slices of other people's brilliance.

  • Great news! Seed is raffling off prizes for the Donors Choose challenge! Donate as little as $5 for a chance to win 1 of 50 free subscriptions to Seed magazine or 1 of ~15 pieces of ScienceBlogs schwag - mugs, laptop covers, and USB drives. At the end of the month, there will be a grand prize drawing for an iPod Touch. Right now, only 160 people have donated to the ScienceBlogs challenge (and we're beating the mommy bloggers! Yeah!) so your odds of winning are high. To enter, simply forward your donation confirmation email to scienceblogs[@]gmail.com - do it quick, so you can get in on the prize drawings before PZ and his horde mount a late entry to the challenge!
  • The San Francisco exploratorium has created a neat web app to display how we know what we know. There's an interesting mix of direct experience and hearsay for propositions like "Humans cause global warming" and "ghosts exist" - and you can split up the data by the scientist/nonscientist status of the participants. (via: Bioephemera)
  • There'll be a workshop on communicating your science to the public held on the Sunday before the fall AGU meeting. Are any of you going?
  • Short Geologist has a good post up about the social subtleties of nicknames in the workplace

Below the fold is your moment of YouTube zen.


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Assuming they take mere undergraduates for that science communication seminar, and I can get my finals rearranged, I expect I'll be going to the pre-AGU seminar in question.

And now, to resume lurking.

By Jay De Lanoy (not verified) on 15 Oct 2008 #permalink