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Ana's Feed Starting March 21 3PM

Radioactive iodine 126.7 times higher detected in seawater near nuke plant - kyodo news

Radioactive cesium 24.8 times higher detected in seawater near nuke plant - kyodo news

Too early to assess contaminated seawater's impact on fishery product: TEPCO - kyodo news

Gov't orders 4 prefectures to suspend some food shipments

Tidbits from NHK's morning broadcast:

  • Spraying of reactor buildings and restoration of power remain suspended - all workers remain evacuated form the area
  • Grey smoke from reactor no.3 and white vapor from no.2 are being investigated - both are thought to involve the spent fuel areas
  • Radiation readings jumped to 1,932microsievert/hr. "because of wind direction and time of day" - safety agency
  • TEPCO apologizes "sincerely"
  • Samples of contaminated seawater were taken 100 meters offshore
  • 60% of Tokyo market's leafy produce comes from the now prohibited areas

â"A radiation level of 100,000 counts per minute will be introduced as a new standard for decontamination, up from 6,000 counts per minute, the government said, adding that raising the bar will not endanger health."

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Rihanna, Justin Bieber and U2 Rush to Record Japan Benefit Album

Being exposed to radiation far from its source once is not as bad as smoking twenty cigarettes a day for thirty years!!!111!!

U.S. military considers mandatory evacuations in Yokosuka, Japan

Russia offers to host skating championship instead of Japan

Spent Fuel Hampers Efforts at Japanese Nuclear Plant

Workers at Japan's ravaged nuclear power plant on Tuesday renewed a bid to bring its command center back online and restore electricity to vital cooling systems but an overheating spent fuel pool hampered efforts and raised the threat of further radiation leaks.

Japan nuclear firm admits missing safety checks at disaster-hit plant

Documents show operator failed to carry out mandatory checks at Fukushima Daiichi and allowed fuel rods to pile up

Gov't orders 4 prefectures to suspend some food shipments

TEPCO executives quietly under investigation for charges of professional negligence resulting in death or injury.

The Japanese police are quietly beginning an investigation into TEPCO, the managing entity of the Fukushima Nuclear Reactor for charges of professional negligence resulting in death or injury. It is not "official" and still in the early stages

These Things Happen: Japan Nuclear Crisis: The Experts Weigh In

After listening to the latest statements by Japanese officials, some of our experts are changing their assessments of the potential of a full meltdown from "wildly unlikely" to "pretty unlikely" or "sort of unlikely," while others are now using terms like "somewhat likely" and "kind of likely, actually" and "awfully bloody likely."

Greater levels of radioactive materials found due to rain

Minister Kaieda sorry for reportedly 'forcing' water-spraying mission

For more information and essays about the Earthquake, Tsunami and Nuclear Reactor problems in Japan CLICK HERE.


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