Global Warming: Will Ferrel as Bush

I want to share this amusing video with all of you, particularly with one very special reader, Joe [surname elided to protect him from his stupidity], who was so moved by this piece that I wrote that he has been emailing repeatedly to let me know that I am a poorly-educated liar. In fact, Joe was so inspired by my writing that he ignored my request to stop filling my email box with his offensive, narrow-minded tripe by responding with this erudite and truly revealing message;

You are presumptuous. Stop trying to enlighten the world with your parroting of evolutionary dogma. I am not going to sit and let it perpetuate. Its [sic] a lie. E=MC2 [um, what?? ..], don't forget. "In the begining God created..." [..]. I am sorry you were offended, [I] thought you could handle someone elses [sic] opinion.

Joe, just to show you that there's no hard feelings, I located this video so I could share it with all my readers, but especially with you. I hope you appreciate it, especially since it was made particularly for (and about) wingnuts like you. [3:39]


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tags: Paris Hilton, humor, satire, streaming video Okay, I hate to give in to the current state of media stupidity, but this video is just so funny that I had to share it with you. The last verse of this song is especially amusing. [2:47]
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I see, so first it's that the scientists are wrong because there is no evidence, and now that we've found even more of these important transition fossils, it's that the scientists are part of some dogma conspiracy. Could it be that the story will always change to never let science be right? Sorry Joe, it's still Creationism 0 : Science 1 on this issue. By the way, put down your cell phone and stop using your microwave, since science isn't some buffet you get to pick from.

"parroting"--heh, heh. It's possible he's smarter than you give him credit for--or not....

By Duncan Idaho (not verified) on 21 Jun 2006 #permalink

Birds: 1 Creationists: 0

I always like it when they ask us to accept their "opinion" and forget all the data and reasoning behind scientific theories.

By the way, tell Joe it is better to write E^2=M0^2 C^4+P^2 C^2, we don't want him to confuse his relativistic mass with his rest mass.

By Caio de Gaia (not verified) on 21 Jun 2006 #permalink

[By the way, put down your cell phone and stop using your microwave, since science isn't some buffet you get to pick from.]

Isn't it a shame that science works for anti-science idiots as well?

I'd put Creationist fairy tales and global-warming end-of-the-world propaganda in the same class, albeit the latter has far more credibility.

Scientists can't predict whether or not it's going to rain tomorrow, but we're supposed to believe that in 2012, Al Gore will be in outrageous tears, pounding on a New York Harbor iceberg screaming, "you maniacs! you warmed it up!"

By QuinnFazigu (not verified) on 28 Jun 2006 #permalink

QuinnFazigu: you really need to see this film, An Inconvenient Truth, before you embarass yourself by making erroneous claims about global warming. or, if that film is too "political" for you, then maybe you should read some of the original research papers? oh, but those might be too boring.

If it takes outrageously hyperbolic claims and apocalyptic paranoia to make my laptop and car use less energy, then I'm all for it.

By QuinnFazigu (not verified) on 28 Jun 2006 #permalink

"...Scientists can't predict whether or not it's going to rain tomorrow, ..."

Anybody who confuses climate with weather should really keep quiet while the adults talk.