Sicko Keywords

Okay, this is for those of you who are easily entertained. I know I fall into this category, so I hope you do, too. I was recently challenged by Matthew to participate in a "sicko" Google search terms contest to list the sickest search terms used find my blog. Here are a few search terms for you, starting with the top search term (drum roll, please);

Harry Potter

Hey, who would'a guessed that?? Seriously, if I had to guess what my top search term was, I would guess "Birds in the News" or birds or something like that.

Anyway, as expected, most of my search terms are bird, dinosaur or fossil related, and there are also quite a few that have to do with Rags to Riches (the racehorse), the Belmont Stakes and horse racing in general. Surprising, really, considering that I don't write about horse racing all that often.

Here are a few more search terms that you might find (a teensy bit) more entertaining;

purple frog
blue lobster
blood red moon
"why are creationists creationist?"
body bugs
two-toned lobster
giraffe cousin
gay flamingo
penis parasites
harry potter date rape
zombie snail
poison scientist
cats with beards
scientific the life of a slug
lifespan of a stinkhorn
bald mice
brennan duck phallus

Because I know you all are disappointed with my sickos search terms, which aren't sick or twisted at all, I will reward you for reading this far by posting some of Zuska's search terms, which she so kindly allowed me to borrow for your entertainmnent;

jerk off
very young girls and very old men
aunty sex with college boy
old woman with young sex hard
man sticking head in womans vagina
older women tits
male erection photos
hot sexy ugly women

Zuska has some mighty fine sickos, wouldn't you agree?

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How on earth did underwear get into the list?

By Chris' Wills (not verified) on 19 Jun 2007 #permalink

"cats with beards"...? o_0

By Luna_the_cat (not verified) on 20 Jun 2007 #permalink

Clearly, you're not crazy enough to pull in the real sickos! ;-)

I note that most of those do seem to be either exploring particular reports (most of which you did indeed cover), or returning to reread a remembered article. (I've been known to use that Google-as-bookmark trick myself.)

The bearded cats do sound interesting. Can you tell what article they actually got for that one? Uh waitasec, I'm supposed to be a nerd... <clickety>... Ah, Carnival of the Cats, and Leopards Caught By Phone. Of course, that's today's search....

By David Harmon (not verified) on 20 Jun 2007 #permalink

i think i published my results from an underwear personality quiz somewhere in the dark recesses of this blog's history.

actually, the cats with beards story was a humor piece that satirized a scientific study of cats' reactions to men with beards. i have been trying to dig it up, but without success so far. i think you will find it (eventually) in the archives under "humor" (that's a large category, so it might take you a few minutes). the search terms "cats with beards" didn't pull up that particular story.

i am trying to think of naughty titles for my entries now so my stuff turns up on a few porn searches .. afterall, porn makes the internet go!

How about "Organisms in the Wood" and get hits from those who can't spell :o)

By Chris Wills (not verified) on 20 Jun 2007 #permalink

i am trying to think of naughty titles

Well, "Your Cheating Heart" is getting closer... And of course, a few birds are named suggestively.... hmm.

I looked back at the article you linked, and snickered (again). For some reason, this bit really gets me: To ensure that the cats were not influenced by stroking or other unconscious cues from the assistant, the assistant was anesthetized prior to each session.

That might also help the assistant cope with beard-enraged kitties....

By David Harmon (not verified) on 20 Jun 2007 #permalink

Matt, over at Pooflingers Anonymous does a monthly list of the oddest search terms used to find his site, with added commentary from Matt.

Very funny stuff. He apparently has some sort of running flirtation with "world's biggest giraffe penis" or some such, because it shows up nearly every month.

I'm so proud to see my sickos up there on Grrl's blog! Grrl, I am sure you can cultivate some great sicko search terms if you just put your mind to it. Well, probably not much mind required at all, but I wish you luck...or...whatever!