ScienceBloggers Invade NYC: Are You Interested to Meet Us?

A montage of the SciBlings who made it to Seed Media's ScienceBlogs writers' get-together in NYC in 2007 [larger view].

Even though I am camera-shy, I am in this montage, hiding behind the beer glass, which distorts my facial features beyond recognition.

As you might recall, August is when ScienceBloggers meet in NYC. At the urging of some of us (including me), Seed Media Group is planning to have an event where ScienceBloggers and their readers can meet. The tentative plan is to meet on Saturday, 9 August at 3pm. Since this is NYC where it is currently hotter'n hell and barf-inspiringly humid too, the place where we meet will be air conditioned. Further, Seed Media is going to have nice swag available and photographers will be on hand. They also have some other plans for this get-together that they are still working on, but have not yet finalized. What they need to know is how many readers think they will show up? Please respond in the comments here so I can pass the word along to Seed so they can make a rough estimate of the screaming hords that plan to be here, so they can find a place that is big enough.

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Not me (I'm a long way from you!), but... its hordes. Unless you're stockpiling 'em for later re-use!! :-)

By DeafScientist (not verified) on 21 Jul 2008 #permalink

I'd love to come to that, but unfortunately I already have plans for that weekend...hope you get a great turnout!

I'm living in NYC again so I will definitely show up.

By Joseph O'Sullivan (not verified) on 21 Jul 2008 #permalink

I've been planning on heading down to NYC to visit my sister - so if that weekend works for her - I'll be there. Call it a maybe.

Maybe... I get back into town on Friday and have to lead a walking tour on Sunday so I don't know if I'll have any spare time on Saturday.

Oh bum. I checked my diary and I'm de-hairing the cat that weekend.

Oh well, I'll get to see a couple of you at the end of August anyway. I'm getting excited about meeting Prof. Steve Steve.

Would love to visit (I've never been to NYC), but I'll be teaching in 4 labs per week then, giving lectures, and measuring images/crunching data for a manuscript.

You know, these inconvenient academic jobs that require one to show up and work according to some sort of schedule. Sheesh! ;-)

I may be there. I am in New York state right now, but I need to be back in Valdosta early that week. It does sound like an event that I will not want to miss if I can stick around that long.

I'll be there, I think.

And, DeafScientist - if he's stockpiling them, it's 'hoards.' Just sayin'. ;)