NYC SciBlings MeetUp

Remember last summer when a bunch of sciencebloggers all snuck into NYC under the cover of the night for a weekend of frolicking and karaoke? We kept it too secret last time, so very few of our readers had enough time to show up and meet us at short notice.

This time we are meeting again in NYC, a couple of weeks from now. But we want to give you more of a heads-up so you can plan. We will do other stuff in secret, but we want to meet our readers on Saturday, August 9th, around 3pm. Where? Depends on how many of you say you will come for sure (it will be indoors, in an air-conditioned space, no matter what).

So, pile up in the comments, or send me e-mails if you will be in New York City at the time and can come and meet us. When the Overlords get a better idea of the numbers, they will make more definite plans about the location, exact time, perhaps some kind of program, and we will post that information once we have it.


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D'oh! I am missing you in NYC by just two weekends! I hope you have a wonderful time and an excellent turn out. Have a drink (or a Coke) for me.