Professor Steve Steve Follows Famous Ale Trail

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Professor Steve Steve at the beginning of the famous Ale Trail pub crawls (there is more than one of these "Ale Trail" pub crawls in London) -- he convinced me to pursue this Quest through London. Bad Bear!

Image: GrrlScientist 4 September 2008 [larger view].

This is a picture of Professor Steve Steve during yesterday's lunch, when he was determined to convince me to pursue one of the Ale Trails pub crawls through a group of classic pubs in London.

This pub crawl has a t-shirt reward after you've completed it -- wow, I'll do mostly anything for a t-shirt! So I started the pub crawl with Bob (who had to leave London a few hours later) and then continued on with fellow SciBling, Chris, who popped in and had a few pints with me, and then I finished alone. Well, except for Professor Steve Steve, whom I had to drag home since he'd passed out.

Despite the fact that Professor Steve has many strongly held opinions, he is a bear of few words, so I found that drinking fine ales alone in a crowd was unappealing. Worse, when I collected all my stamps from the classic pubs on my list and was ready to trade them in for my promised t-shirt, the pub informed me that they had no more shirts, that I had to go on a second quest in search of my free t-shirt. Grrrr.

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Did you have any good pale ales or IPAs on the crawl? I hope to make it to London one day and would like to know where to get a good pint.

Is that a feminine hand I see on Professor Steve Steve's knee? IS STEVE STEVE HAVING AN AFFAIR?

it is possible that Steve Steve is having an affair with Bob Bob. i didn't ask, though.

there are a LOT of great ales on the pub crawl. a list of what i can remember i've drank includes; brown speckled hen, black sheep bitter, timothy taylor landlord ale, london pride .. um, there's at least six more that i've had so far. the only ale i've been unable to get is spitfire, which considering the fact that all the many pubs i've visited so far have run out of this ale, i have decided it is the best ale of all.

Ah Spitfire, I can highly recommend that one (along with all of Shepherd Neame's ales). I'm surprised you've not been able to find it yet, it's by far Shep's most widely sold beer. If all else fails you should be able to find bottles of it in most supermarkets, although obviously that's not the most enjoyable way to drink it.
Keep trying Grrl.