Learn about Science Blog Writing at my Upcoming Apple Store Appearance on 1 October

I thought I'd mention the upcoming Science Blog writing discussion that is scheduled for Tuesday, 1 October, at Manhattan's Apple Store in Soho. This isa panel that will discuss the value of a blog to communicating with the public about one's research. The panel will be moderated by Katherine Sharpe and, along with me, includes several of my SciBlings, Jake Young, Jessica Palmer, Steinn Sigurdsson, and Brian Switek.

What: Apple Pro Session panel with ScienceBloggers
Date: Wednesday, 1 October 2008
Time: 7 - 8pm ET
Location: 103 Prince Street [map].

You might also wish to refer to several articles;

  1. Science Blogging for Scientists: Planting the Seed by me [link]
  2. Advancing Science through Conversations: Bridging the Gap between Blogs and the Academy by Shelley A. Batts, Nicholas J. Anthis, Tara C. Smith [PDF]

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