The Elements Song

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You find the best stuff! I am totally going to memorize this and sing it all vacation long at the family reunion. No one will escape my musical geekyness!

I had the album with this song on it in high school back in the 1960s. I recorded it on reel-to-reel and played it back tens of times until I had all the elements and the song memorized. It took me hours to get the elements in their proper order (these days you can just google the lyrics).

Lehrer's albums, almost all satire of one form or another set to music can now be found reproduced on CDs. Worth trying to get a hold of them.

By Eric the Leaf (not verified) on 05 Dec 2008 #permalink

Tom Lehere's song has the elements in random order for no facts to interest the listener. Besides, he did not write the music. Not that it's bad but check out John Dewhurst on iTunes or Rhapsody.