Brunch With SB's Millionth Comment Winner, Peggy

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Hundred Acres restaurant and bar.

Image: GrrlScientist 6 December 2008 [larger view].

Since I am exhausted at the moment, but still have a few minutes of wireless connectivity left before the library closes, I thought I'd tell you a little about the wonderful brunch that I shared with Peggy, scienceblog's millionth comment contest winner, and with a few other sciencebloggers and several employees of Seed magazine -- whom I refer to as "seedlings". We met at the restaurant, Hundred Acres, in SoHo, near NYU.

The restaurant was really very photogenic, as you will probably conclude after looking at these images. Of course, it was decorated with a Christmas theme, and it felt like sitting in a farmhouse kitchen;

Holiday Decour.

Hundred Acres restaurant and bar.

Image: GrrlScientist 6 December 2008 [larger view].

It made me wish I was sitting at the table in my pajamas, but alas, I didn't want to scare away the customers, so I minded my manners.


Hundred Acres restaurant and bar.

Image: GrrlScientist 6 December 2008 [larger view].

I really liked this particular item (below), which looked like it had been rescued from an old midwestern farmhouse.


Hundred Acres restaurant and bar, NYC.

Image: GrrlScientist 6 December 2008 [larger view].

I had a real treat since I rarely eat meat; a delicious hamburger made from pasture-raised beef, served with Goot Essa cheddar melted over the top and french fries on the side. Sadly, there was so much food that I couldn't finish everything!

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The food really was excellent - and filling. We weren't hungry for dinner until almost 10pm.

It was great meeting you and the other ScienceBlogs denizens!

thanks peggy, it was great fun to meet you and your husband and i am so pleased that you had this great (but limited) opportunity to enjoy NYC! I hope you managed to walk across one of the bridges .. i should have mentioned that the GW bridge is also a fine walk, although it was a bit out of your neighborhood.

i did snap a couple pictures of you both but decided that i would refrain from showing them to the public since i was worried you might then also share images of me with the public -- YIKES!

We didn't make it across any of the bridges - although we did take the subway over to the Brooklyn end of the Brooklyn Bridge to admire the skyline. We have a lot on our list of places to visit next time we're in New York (not that that will happen any time soon, alas).

Everyone at brunch seemed camera-shy, and I wouldn't have published your picture without asking first, for sure. But I'd love a copy of the picture you took of us, if you wouldn't mind emailing it to me.